JoyEvent Agency

Компании: Кастинг агентства: JoyEvent Agency
JoyEvent Agency
Деятельность Кастинг агентство
Регион Antalya, Turkey
Год основания 1992
E-mail Скрыто от гостей.
Адрес офиса Antalya
Телефон +905070533599
Сайт www.joyevent.us

JoyEvent is about innovation...
JoyEvent is about creativity...
JoyEvent is about bringing people together...
JoyEvent was established in 1992 by founding director Barlas Ozkok. JoyEvent team has grown to include a team of skilled, creative individuals working from the Turkey headquarters as well as a dedicated group of specialised contractors providing their services as talent agents, choreographers, dancers, show producers, sound &light engineers. Now a successful force and most respected brand name in the international entertainment scene, JoyEvent is particularly well known for its focus on exceptional service, competitive pricing and first class results.

Originally, and continuing to be, best known for its work within the entertainment industry the company also creates original concepts for events large & small, resorts and casinos. JoyEvent is also a supplier of entertainers, celebrities, musicians, costumes, props and other entertainment resources for private, public and commercial projects.

JoyEvent is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for employees, business partners, guests and community neighbors. JoyEvent 1FORCE is our diversity and inclusion initiative, tasked with identifying strategies and metrics, setting goals, and guiding our company’s diversity activities. Workplace diversity, supplier diversity and multicultural marketing practices are guided by JoyEvent 1FORCE in order to ensure we foster our enriching culture of inclusion JoyEvent is committed to developing a diverse workforce marketplace that opens the door to opportunity and unleashes the possibilities within each and every employee. We believe a diverse workforce is not merely an advantage; it is absolutely mandatory for a company to be successful in today's business climate. We strive for an environment that recognizes and rewards differences by valuing what each person can bring to the organization, and in turn, what the organization can do to encourage and support the growth of each individual.

JoyEvent Entertainment Group has achieved its success by assembling a unique team of experts in their respective fields who have years of experience and close personal relationships with artists, celebrities, dancers, specialty talents and their representatives. This enables us to act as consultants taking into consideration a variety of factors to zero in on your specific needs. From the proposal stage to talent negotiations, from on-site management to overseeing event production, we take a hands-on approach so that our clients can focus their energy and time on the big picture. The success of every event depends on trust - having people you trust to plan the myriad of components on your behalf, who bring creativity to the table. As a division of Live Nation, JoyEvent has the experience, the relationships, a wide array of dependable production vendors and the expertise to produce your event from the ground up. Our goals are simple - to become a trusted and dependable member of your event team who consistently delivers the “Wow Factor” you are looking to achieve at each and every event.

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Михаил. Румянцев. -2
25 Июля 2019 12:05

Имя, фамилия: Михаил Румянцев

Возраст:: 40 лет

Проф статус: Актер

Рост: 182

Комплекция: Атлетическая

Цвет Волос: Брюнет

Цвет Глаз: Голубые

Тембр Голоса: Баритон

Актерские курсы

Спец навыки:

Дополнительные навыки:
бокс, легкая атлетика

2017 Под напряжением, т/с - эпизодическая роль
2017 Следственный комитет, т/с - эпизодическая роль
2018 Ищейка 2, т/с - эпизодическая роль
2018 Балабол 3, т/с - эпизодическая роль
2019 Золото Лагина, т/с - эпизодическая роль
2019 Укрощение свекрови х/ф - эпизодическая роль

Иностранные языки:
Английский (Базовый)


+7 928 040-64-57

+7 926 545 04 43

Сергей Балашов 0
03 Октября 2015 17:46

Здравствуйте, я профессиональный актер,
ищу работу в кино в сериале,
готов на любые условия!)))

Artem Poliakov 0
29 Сентября 2015 22:45

Здравствуйте, прошу посмотреть мою кандидатуру для сотрудничества, заранее спасибо

Ольга Грекова 0
17 Сентября 2015 04:39

Здравствуйте! Рада сотрудничеству. Актриса,модель размер 50-52, ведущая, диктор. Большой опыт съемок, в том числе и в рекламе. 8-926-563-08-05

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