Music is an unreal force. There is such a thing, just turn it on - without asking permission, you just smoothly, imperceptibly find yourself in its absolute power... and move, fascinated, absorbed by its flow…

 And you move, enchanted, absorbed in its flow…


Lyrics. And here the lyrics are born. You're moving along with it....


 Perhaps at this moment in the hour, you have nothing much to say... and no one to say it to.

Relax, merge with it... Let the currents flow…

It is enough to allow…

Allow. Her

Pouring through you ... Filling everything like water.

To flow Like water. Like light. Rainbow…

I listen to a lot of music. It's a lifestyle.

Music is a global field for me. The ability to understand the everyday in a new way. Therefore, I do not single out separate directions. I keep my nose to the wind, looking for a taste of art in this, mind, energy and heart.

I love what sounds in the receiver.

It sounds easy and casual.

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